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Join a Never-Ending Master Class Taught by the Best Trial Lawyers

For more than a decade, CVN’s unrivaled trial coverage has given you a virtual gallery seat to watch the best attorneys in action. With CVN Discovery, we're adding even more to our unrivaled Video Library, which already includes thousands of trials and curated content.

Now, we're talking with some of the nation's best lawyers, along with top legal experts, to demonstrate and teach you the techniques that made them so successful.

CVN Discovery is our brand new feature that takes the gavel-to-gavel video you know us for and adds in-depth discussions with the country’s top plaintiff and defense lawyers as they take you through every facet of winning a verdict.

It's a powerful learning tool and now a key piece of our unrivaled courtroom video archive. 

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Learn How Trial Techniques Work in the Real World

With CVN Discovery, you’ll see attorneys like Brian Panish, Nick Rowley, Jim Butler, Dan Huff, Scott Bailey and more outline the elements that win a verdict: from how to break down a damage claim to strategically using peremptory challenges.

While other webinars and courses may discuss trial techniques, CVN Discovery gives you more. Using real trial video, trial pros will show you exactly how their approaches work, in front of actual judges and juries, where the stakes are at their highest. You’ll not only hear advice on how to break down a damage request, you’ll see it done, word-for-word, step-by-step, along with the winning results that followed.

You'll learn the approaches that will work in courtrooms throughout your career, from the 2-day fender bender trials to the most complex litigation, as well as the techniques that work best in specific practice areas.

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Just a Fraction of What You’ll Learn on CVN Discovery:

  • How to maximize your damage claim in soft-tissue crash cases, detailed by Nick Rowley.
  • Effectively questioning a plaintiff without alienating your jury, discussed by Dan Huff.
  • A tactical approach to peremptory challenges in voir dire, outlined by Steve Vartazarian.
  • How to question your expert from the point of view of your juror, detailed by Scott Bailey.

Steve Vartazarian details how he approached cross-exam of an accident reconstruction expert to undercut the expert’s credibility and set up an $11 million truck crash verdict.

CVN Discovery: Fully Indexed for Faster Learning

CVN Discovery’s on-demand webinars and discussions are all completely indexed and feature summaries, highlights of what you’ll learn, and even a quotable moment to take away.

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Interested in how to build a winning theme in a car crash case?

Find it quickly and learn how Joseph Wilson and Nick and Courtney Rowley approach it, while going through the theme that won Wilson a six-figure verdict.

Want to learn how to reframe adverse evidence?

You can jump straight to Steve Vartazarian detailing how he flipped evidence against a defendant, as he shows you how it won an $11 million award.

CVN Discovery’s index makes learning from the top trial attorneys quicker, easier, and more powerful than ever.

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A Learning Library That’s Always Growing

The best trial lawyers never stop honing their skills. And trial practice isn’t a one-size-fits-all business. Successful techniques differ from case to case and even attorney to attorney. It’s why Brian Panish and Steve Vartazarian both make headlines with their verdicts, despite different courtroom approaches. 

Lloyd Bell details how to choose the right demonstratives for trial and how his creative approach to demonstratives helped win a $26 million medical malpractice verdict.

It’s also why CVN Discovery is constantly adding new discussions, allowing you to stay on top of the latest trial techniques. With our ever-expanding library of interviews and webinars, not to mention our growing trial video library, you can look forward to learning not just general approaches to openings, but the winning techniques specific to the cases you face. 

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CVN's Video Library And More

During openings en route to a $4.69 billion trial win, Mark Lanier tells jurors Johnson & Johnson "rigged" tests of asbestos in its talc, which led to cancer in 22 women. CVN subscribers can watch gavel-to-gavel video of this trial, and hundreds more, along with discussions in CVN Discovery. 

The best attorneys know that trial video study is a powerful tool to strengthen their courtroom skills. It’s why the top law schools and the largest law firms subscribe to CVN’s unrivaled archive of gavel-to-gavel trial video. 

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CVN Discovery breaks down the best of that video, explained by the nation's top attorneys and legal experts. But it is only a part of what you receive.

You still have complete access to our unmatched gavel-to-gavel video library.

That's thousands of courtroom hours across hundreds of trials, from minor fender benders to the biggest product liability suits. It's all on demand and at your fingertips. 


Recently Added to CVN Discovery

A Trial Lawyer's Guide to the Latest Changes Affecting Medical Records

Recent changes surrounding medical records laws and regulations have raised many questions about how attorneys can acquire their clients' medical records. MGLaw's Michael Geoffroy and Melanie Carpenter, an expert on medical laws and special counsel at ChartSquad, discuss those changes and the impact they have on trial attorneys.

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Building a Better Law Practice with Social Media

Social media is increasingly important to an attorney’s practice. However, navigating the range of channels and messaging options can make building and managing a social media presence difficult. That’s why CVN featured Eric Rosen and Bethany Schneider - two top trial lawyers - who shared the powerful social media approaches they've used to help build their high-profile practices.

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Demonstratives Deep Dive

Lloyd Bell and Michael Geoffroy discuss how to add more powerful demonstratives to your courtroom case. Bell, of the Bell Law Firm, is well known for his creative, powerful demonstratives that help set up blockbuster verdicts. Using video from his biggest trials, and joined by veteran trial attorney Michael Geoffroy, of MG Law, he breaks down his approach to demonstratives as the pair discussed the most effective ways to use them across a range of cases.

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