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Medical records are critical to nearly every personal injury case. However, sweeping changes surrounding medical records laws - from a landmark federal court decision last year to recently proposed regulations - have left attorneys on uncertain ground when collecting their clients’ records.

Veteran trial lawyer Michael Geoffroy, of MG Law, and Melanie Carpenter, a medical records laws expert and special counsel at ChartSquad, sat down to analyze the issues surrounding medical records legislation and their everyday impact on trial attorneys.

The pair discuss a range of topics, including:

*The landmark U.S. District Court decision in Ciox Healthcare LLC. v. Azar and its impact on medical records regulations.

*What to do if you run into a roadblock when requesting a client's medical records.

*How the 21st Century Cures Act and proposed regulations affecting HIPAA and HITECH promise to change the way lawyers acquire records.

And much more. 

Now you can watch the hour-long deep-dive into this important topic for free, courtesy of our friends at ChartSquad. 

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