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Bethany Schneider & Eric Rosen on Building a Better Law Practice Through Social Media

"You've got to have a strategy of how you're going to go about this. You can't just do it haphazardly. You've got to say, 'OK, this is who I'm going to be. This is how I'm going to get there.'"

Social media is increasingly important to an attorney’s practice. However, navigating the range of channels and messaging options can make building a strong social media presence onerous and confusing. 

Eric Rosen and Bethany Schneider are two leading trial attorneys who are also well known for their powerful use of social media. And in an hour-plus long webinar, they shared the lessons they've learned, from the best channels for attorneys, to how to develop consistent, powerful content. It's an important webinar for any attorney looking to strengthen their social media presence. 

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Rosen & Schneider on Building a Better Law Practice With Social Media

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Eric Rosen

Rosen Injury Law’s Eric Rosen has obtained more than $100 million in jury verdicts for his clients in catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases throughout his career, both as a partner at Florida’s Kelley | Uustal and later founding his own firm. Rosen's trial work was named to the Top 100 Verdicts in the United States in 2016, and he earned the Daily Business Review’s Professional Excellence on the Rise Award for 2017, among other accolades.



Bethany Schneider

Bethany Schneider founded Schneider Injury Law in Atlanta after nearly a decade with King & Spalding, successfully trying high-profile, products liability cases. After launching her own firm, Schneider has won more than $14 million for her clients since 2018 alone, including a $5.5 million verdict in 2019 for a taxi driver’s traumatic brain injury. Schneider has been named to The National Trial Lawyers Top 40 Under 40, the Super Lawyers Rising Stars list, and is a sought-after speaker on trial technique.



Topics in "Building a Better Law Practice With Social Media"

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Rosen and Schneider discuss their backgrounds, as well as how they have approached social media in supporting their practices. 

What you'll learn:

  • How different approaches to social media can be equally successful. 
  • Why authenticity is important in building your social media presence. 

Quotable moment: 

You've just got to be yourself. I think being genuine and having people see that you are this genuine person [is important]. The more likeable you are, [while] maintaining your credibility, I think the better you'll do on social media. — Schneider on the importance of showing your personality in your posts. 

The best, first social media channels to use 

Schneider and Rosen give their thoughts on the best channels and strategies to explore when beginning to develop a social media presence.

What you'll learn:

  • The social media channels that Schneider and Rosen believe have the most impact. 
  • The benefits and drawbacks of Facebook when used for professional outreach. 
  • Why you may want to leverage your personal pages as you start to build your professional presence. 
  • How to balance personal and professional content. 

Quotable moment:

When it comes to social media, the best traction you will ever get is your personal Facebook page… .   People who know you want to help you.  — Rosen on using your personal Facebook page to develop initial traction professionally.  

The right social media channel for the right audience

The attorneys outline which social media channels work best with specific audiences, and how to leverage those outlets effectively.  

What you'll learn:

  • The power of social media for networking with other legal professionals, driving referrals, and more.
  • How to develop messages that target a variety of audiences.
  • Which channels are best for a local audience. 

Quotable moment: 

I think you can meld [messages] better on Instagram. I try to do a lot of videos that are focused on lawyers, but then mix in some that are also focused on clients, and then do some videos, like some of my TBI videos, that are for the client and the lawyer. Schneider on how she reaches various audiences through a range of content messaging. 

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Less traditional social outreach

Schneider and Rosen give their thoughts on podcasts, newsletters, and outreach that's not part of more traditional social media channels.

What you'll learn:

  • The benefits and drawbacks of less traditional social outreach. 
  • The importance of considering the cost in time compared to the benefit gained in developing content.
  • Why focusing on a topic other than traditional legal practice may be the best bet for podcasts.

Quotable moment:

If you spread yourself too thin, are you really going to be getting traction? Rosen on the drawbacks of committing to too many social channels. 

Content creation

The pair outline their thoughts on how to produce consistent, powerful content that connects with an audience.  They cover topics ranging from developing ideas to scheduling content, and they show examples of some of their most popular posts. 

What you'll learn:

  • Why consistency in outreach is important. 
  • How developing a schedule for content creation and publication can be key to growing your audience.
  • How a practice area niche can generate ideas for content.
  • How to blend branding with substantive information.
  • Balancing "evergreen" and "time-sensitive" content, and the power of "live-posting."

Quotable moment:

Every post doesn’t have to be the most substantive thing ever. You know how people scroll through Instagram. Where I still focus on the content creation is my videos and trying to make sure that my videos are giving good information. — Schneider on posting a wide range of content and balancing substantive and less substantive posts that remain compelling. 


Rosen and Schneider discuss how social media can be a powerful tool to brand a law practice, as well as techniques that support practice-area messaging and drive thought leadership. 

What you'll learn: 

  • How to create posts that educate your audience, while branding yourself a thought leader in a practice area.
  • How to build credibility in a niche. 

Quotable moment:

You don’t want to pigeonhole yourself and do only that kind of branding, but if you can develop a niche where people go to you and expect to see that content… then you can create [the reputation] that you’re an expert in this field. Schneider on posts that brand you as a thought leader in a particular practice niche. 

Examples of strong content

Rosen and Schneider share examples of their most popular content and discuss why these posts resonated with their audiences. 

What you'll learn:

  • The common characteristics of popular posts. 
  • How to analyze a post to repeat its success. 
  • The importance of using every option of Instagram.
  • Why tactically "boosting" posts is important. 

Quotable moment:

The cool thing about it is that it’s the gift that keeps on giving… . Over time it keeps growing.” — Rosen on how videos can can continue to build your audience over time.  

Hiring social media specialists

The two attorneys talk about when you should bring a social media expert onboard, as well as what to look for when hiring a social media expert, and their experiences in working with outside specialists.  

What you'll learn:

  • How much responsibility to delegate to a social media expert.
  • When it's better to hire a social media manager to oversee your outreach.
  • How to find the specialist that is best for you and your practice. 

Quotable moment:

It’s another part of your business and marketing strategy, and I think you need someone to help you. And my suggestion is to find someone who’s really good, that you really like. Rosen on the importance of finding a good personal fit for a social media manager.


Schneider and Rosen detail common problems to be aware of in your social media initiatives and the best ways to avoid them.  

What you'll learn:

  • The best ways to deal with social media trolls. 
  • The drawbacks of publishing controversial content. 
  • Why it may be important to review all messaging that comes from your firm. 

Quotable moment:

As many haters as there are, there’s going to be a million other people that really like you and support you… . — Rosen on what to keep in mind when responding to negative posts.


The attorneys take questions from the live webinar viewers on a wide range of social media topics. 

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