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At CVN, we're proud of our unrivaled gavel-to-gavel courtroom video library. But with over 1,000 proceedings and tens of thousands of hours of trial video in that archive, it can sometimes be time-consuming and difficult to find the particular teachable moment you're looking for. CVN's Playlist Library is a repository of the specific video clips you want to see: whether they're strong examples of how to argue non-economic damages in closings, or highlight reels from our biggest trials, our Playlist Library is your ever-growing resource of expert editor-curated trial video and commentary.

Browse our video playlist selections in our growing library below. Have a suggestion for a new playlist? Fill out the form at the bottom of the page, and we'll get back to you. 

What Would You Like to See?

Our playlist library is always growing. Our editorial team is working to add playlists on trial techniques, interviews, and more, all with an eye toward helping you improve your approach in the courtroom. But we're always looking for suggestions. What trial video playlists would you like us to add to the library? Whether it's a collection of specific techniques, expert witnesses, or compilations of the trials you're most interested in, let us know. Simply complete the form on the right.