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With CVN Essentials, we've distilled over 30,000 hours of the most compelling courtroom video from around the country to make CVN more accessible than ever. 

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Students and Recent Grads


Law students and recent graduates shouldn't have to waste valuable time searching through archives for trial footage. With a subscription to CVN Essentials, you can have a leg up on your fellow classmates and stand out to potential employers with this invaluable resource.


Practicing Trial Lawyers


Time is of the essence when you're strategizing for an upcoming trial. You don't have the time to sift through multiple cases and hours of courtroom footage. With a subscription to CVN Essentials, you can watch the most important moments of a trial and learn from the best.


Legal or Business Professionals


CVN Essentials isn't just for attorneys and law students - many of our clip libraries are relevant to business professionals. Whether you're in the insurance industry, a paralegal, or just interested in courtroom video, CVN Essentials has a library relevant for you.


The Courtroom Video You Need to Watch.


Busy attorneys and legal professionals have a ton on their plates. It can seem impossible to keep up with what is going on in the courtroom.
But if you don't, how will you develop your trial skills? Learn from the best? Understand trends in your industry or practice area?
With CVN Essentials, you'll have access to the exact curated video you should be watching. CVN's legal team studies our 30,000-hour video library to bring you the most important, informative moments of each trial:
  • Highlight reels: Watch highlights of top attorneys, trial-turning moments, great openings, stellar closings, and more. 
  • Trials in Twenty Minutes: Watch the critical courtroom moments that tell the stories of our most fascinating trials, each in about 20 minutes.
  • Curated clip libraries: Watch the moments central to our trials, complemented with expert legal commentary and analysis delving into winning trial techniques and tactics.
  • More added each month: we are working hard to bring you more and more clips, highlight reels, trials in twenty minutes and more each month.



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Watch this fiery closing clip from Keenan Nix for a sample of what you'll get with a CVN Essentials subscription.



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The Best Video

Our experts have curated the best video; and we're working hard to bring you more each month.


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