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Lloyd Bell discusses his approach to damages. It's part of a wide-ranging interview on the techniques that have made him one of the nation's preeminent trial lawyers. Fill out the form to watch the full video.

For years, CVN has given you a virtual gallery seat to watch the best trial attorneys in action. Now we’re sitting down with those attorneys as they outline the courtroom techniques that made their reputations.

 CVN Discovery features video interviews with the country’s top trial experts, including the best lawyers in the country, breaking down the courtroom approaches that won the verdicts you see in our trial library.

In this episode, we talk with The Bell Law Firm’s Lloyd Bell, who has built a reputation as one of the country’s leading medical malpractice attorneys. Among his blockbuster verdicts: a $26 million award for a patient who suffered catastrophic brain damage because of a post-operative hematoma. 

During the wide-ranging interview, recorded pre-pandemic, Bell discusses his trial approach, including his creative use of demonstratives, his approach to examining expert witnesses, and how he argues damages. You’ll also see clips from some of his biggest trials. 

Best of all, you can watch the full interview, and our upcoming CVN Discovery features for free.






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