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Courtroom View Network, the country’s premier source for civil trial video coverage, has partnered with AMFS to provide its clients with three months of free access to the most important moments in some of the biggest trials across the country with:  


CVN Essentials is our most efficient tool for studying trial video—an expert-curated library highlighting the key courtroom techniques that won trials across the nation.

It’s a one-of-a kind resource featuring:

  • More than 250 video clips.
  • Expert commentary.
  • Trials in 20 Minutes highlight episodes.
  • And more!  

With CVN Essentials you have a front-row seat to see the country's best attorneys in the critical moments of their biggest cases, including:

Nick Rowley donning a chicken suit during a jaw-dropping demonstrative that forced a school district into a $10 million settlement in a traumatic brain injury case.

Brian Panish’s passionate argument undercutting defense surveillance video of a truck crash victim, en route to a $52 million total verdict.

Steve Vartazarian’s blistering close that swung a $10.8 million award against the City of Los Angeles for a pedestrian struck by a forklift.

And much, much more! Including…

AMFS Analysis

CVN Essentials features a dedicated library of AMFS commentary on medical expert witness testimony pivotal to high-stakes cases across the country. Watch the testimony then read unique AMFS insight on why it helped deliver verdicts in everything from medical malpractice cases to the biggest products liability trials. And beyond our curated video highlights, CVN Essentials will periodically feature full-length trials, live look-ins, and more.

It’s all yours for FREE for three months as an AMFS client. Simply fill out the form on this page to receive access.

Interested in diving even deeper? In addition to your CVN Essentials membership, you’ll also receive a 25% discount when you sign up for an annual subscription to the CVN Video Library.