Watch the critical moments of trials that resulted in:

judge-icon  The historic $23B punitive verdict that smoked the tobacco giants
judge-icon  DePuy being hobbled after $8.3M verdict in bellwether hip implant trial
judge-icon  $150M product liability verdict causing regulators to reconsider recall
judge-icon  Merck gaining jaw-dropping results in Atlantic City
judge-icon  United Healthcare hit with $524M verdict for referrals to unsafe endoscopy



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Levin’s Closings Produced Ground Shaking Results in California

Attorney William Levin delivers his closing argument in an asbestos trial that resulted in a ground shaking $200 million punitive damages verdict in California. The case is notable because the plaintiff wasn’t exposed to asbestos in a manufacturing setting, but from washing her husband’s clothes after he came home from working as a pipe fitter. CVN has the only video collection of gavel-to-gavel asbestos trials available anywhere in the world.